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Kristin Raebiger, RD, lDN


lifestyle changes

We provide individual nutrition counseling for, but not limited to Weight Loss / Management, Eating Disorders, Obesity /

Bariatric Surgery.......

Balance Nutritional Health can also provide corporate nutrition sessions including cooking demos and presentations for healthy living.. ...

We will help you manage diabetes, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, renal and liver health.....


disease management

nutrition counseling

If you are ready to start taking a look at yourself, praise your strengths and work on your weakness, we are here to help you become the greatest version of yourself...Are you ready?

For more than 10 years, Kristin Raebiger has provided counseling and guidance to help each individual achieve their nutritional goals and become the BEST version of themselves possible! - Read Kristn's Story.....



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National Kidney Foundation - TV appearance with Kristin Raebiger


Health And Wellness Programs

  • change comes when you are ready

  • change is possible

  • change requires Work and Perserverence

  • Change is difficult, yet is rewarding

  • change is inevitable, nothing stays the same